About Our Business

Rebel Liners specializes in the application of sprayed on solid elastomer coatings for industrial, as well as
commercial and retail applications.  The primary application is for truck and trailer box’s.  It is an ideal coating to
protect your equipment from the day-to-day dings & scratches that quickly turn to corrosion and depreciation.

Rebel Liners is the only plural component applicator using SPI Pure Polyurea formulations in Western New
York.  Learn more about SPI Pure Polyurea by visiting:
http://www.specialty-products.com.  Rebel Liners sprays
a 100% Polyurea which is the state of the art material that offers the toughest spray on bedliner in the industry.

We offer superior protection against wear, abrasion, rust, corrosion, chemicals, impact, and more.  Full Metal
Jacket (FMJ) is one of our 100% polyurea formulas, and has been specifically designed for the truck bedliner
market.  It offers the optimal balance of material hardness, tensile strength, flexibility, elongation, plus abrasion,
chemical and fade resistance.  How: The vehicle or equipment to be coated is prepared by various methods
depending on the condition of the equipment.  Including, but not limited to, sand blasting, sanding, polishing,
cleaning with solvents or acids and priming.  Once the surface is prepared the Polyurea is applied by spray
using specialized, high-temperature / high-pressure, equipment designed and manufactured specifically for this
process. This is not an out of the can…"do it yourself"…off the shelf application. The performance that you will
be receiving is only achieved by resin systems commercially available to a very limited number of professionally
trained technicians and applicators.

The Process To Spray A Liner
1. The truck is prepared. We mask off the entire truck except for the area being sprayed. This protects your truck against
any over spray. We also remove the tailgate and all hardware such as tie down hooks and tailgate bolts.

2. The bed and tailgate are then thoroughly sanded and all the edges are scuffed with scotch bright.

3. The bed and tailgate are wiped with an alcohol based solvent. This removes any grease, dirt, dust, or other impurities
which could affect the liner.

4. The Rebel liner is sprayed on HOT (roughly 175°) and dries within seconds. Immediately, the truck is unmasked and the
hardware is re-installed.

5. All that is left to do now, is enjoy your new Rebel liner. The truck is ready for use immediately - even in the rain or cold,
without affecting the material.

e very best spray in protection available for your vehicle.  Unlike competitors Line-x, Rhino, and Bullhide who use
urethane blends, Rebel bedliners features 100% pure polyurea!  
Full Metal Jacket is Tough, Versatile, And Slip Resistant with higher physical properties than Urethanes.
For example, urethanes can start to soften at around 120 degrees, and polyureas withstand temperatures in excess of
250 degrees!  Especially in the summer that can be huge!

Rebel Liners  uses a pure polyurea elastomer that resists scratches, dings, and gouges providing a tough, resilient,
puncture and abrasion resistant bed liner.
Rebel Liners  spray in bedliners are weatherproof, permanently sealing out mildew, rust and corrosion in your truck.
Rebel Liners  spray-in bedliners will not deteriorate and is resistant to chemical compounds.

Rebel Liners is sprayed on so it is versatile; permanently bonding to most surfaces including steel, wood, aluminum,
concrete and fiberglass.  
Rebel Liners  isn't just for truck bedliners. Jeeps, SUV's and accessories can also be sprayed seperately following
contours and molds around bumpers, fender flares, 5th wheel hitches, ties downs and utility boxes.

Slip Resistant
Rebel Liners  sprayed in bed liner provides a professional, uniform, slip resistant custom finish texture that stabilizes loads
and protects both your truck bed and your cargo.
Rebel Liners is a perfect fit, producing a quieter ride by forming a vibration-absorbing cushion between the cargo and the
truck bed.

Other uses include:

Roll bars
Nerf Bars
Running Boards
Flatbed Trucks
Ladder Racks
Horse Trailers
Personal Water Craft Trailers
Lawn Mower Deck
Snowmobile Trailers
Speaker Boxes
Utility Trailers
Anything wood, fiberglass,
metal, concrete...

We can spray just about ANYTHING!

As shown by the chart,
Rebel Liners totally blows away the competition
Rebel Liners
Pure Polyurea
Line-X Polyurethane
Hybridee e Hybridee
Hybridee Hybridee
Rhino Lining Tuff
Type of Type of
High Heat, High Pressure
Impingement Mix
High Pressure
Low Heat
Low Pressure
Static Mix
Elongation (%)
Tear Strength

Rebel Liners is the proud Home Of the Sea-Doo SAR Hull and bumper Coating
       2014 -2015 current model                                                                                

Hull coating.. 2.8 mm shock and abrasion protective elastomer
coating Called K5 UB produced By SPI Sprayed By Rebel liners LLC
Photos Left to right Andrew Mullen Gaetan from BRP Nathan Fix and Steve Kowalcyk Photo At
Rebel Liners LLC 01-23/2015

Center Photo Nathan Fix and Andrew Mullen FDIC 2014 the day view of the See-Doo SAR

Photos Left to right Andrew Mullen Maurice from BRP Nathan Fix and Steve Kowalcyk Photo At
Rebel Liners LLC 01-23/2015
See-Doo SAR showing Rebel Liners LLC Coating Bottom Of HULL

Click on Pic to see See-Doo Video You Tube